Teeth whitening is gaining popularity and is more easily accessible with various products promising visible results with continued use. Of course, we wish that regularly brushing our teeth would be enough to maintain a bright set of pearly whites in between dentists’ appointments but that is not the case. Factors like genetics, our diet, aging, smoking and too much fluoride can necessitate that we have regular appointments with our dentists to have the staining removed for a more confident smile.

Even as you consider the decision to whiten your teeth it is important to make an informed decision with some of the facts about teeth whitening. Here are some of those little details that can make a big difference in shading light into the process of teeth whitening;

Fix what is already broken

Whitening your teeth when you have other problems like crooked teeth or gum diseases will only result in further pain among other problems and increase the amount of money you have to pay as the whitening process won’t have an effect on the damaged teeth.

Prep with teeth cleaning

Dentists recommend you have your teeth cleaned 2 weeks prior to your whitening session because if there is any build around the teeth the bleach won’t be able to penetrate those areas which may cause less satisfactory results.

It’s not permanent

You may be thinking that it is a one-off process but that’s quite the contrary. Teeth always yellowing due to the aging process, foods we consume and habits such as smoking. The results will only last depending on how easily your teeth stain from your lifestyle choices at some point a retouch in necessary.

It only works on real teeth

This, unfortunately, means that if you have fillings or crowns they will remain unchanged after your treatment. A great alternative is to have the visible fillings on your front teeth changed so they aren’t visible when you smile.

It will never be the same

Once you start whitening your teeth, there is always a chance that your teeth with stain worse than they did before you did your first treatment. This rebound effect is of course also dictated by how well you protect your teeth from staining following your session.

The 48-hour diet

Avoid intake of dark food and drink for the first 48 hours. This would include tea, coffee red wine etc. It is an effective way to help maintain the results you have gotten.

Tooth sensitivity

This is a common side effect of your teeth are exposed to the whitening gel but is also quite normal and will disappear 12-36 hours after the whitening. You can take a painkiller for that though.

Keep the gel away from your gums

If you decide to buy a home whitening kit and do this yourself be careful not to expose it to your gums as that will lead to irritation. It goes without saying that the whitening gel should not be ingested as it may cause nausea or vomiting.

Medical expenses can take a huge chunk of your income. However, there are different ways by which you can reduce your healthcare bill, aside from the universal health cover. Read on to discover five strategies that can help keep your healthcare expenses low.

See your doctor regularly

‘Prevention is better than cure’ can sound a cliché but it’s one of the best ways to help you reduce your health expenses. Visiting your doctor regularly can reveal some of the hidden health concerns, which can be managed before they can get out of hands. In the end, it gives you the assurance that your overall health is safe. Vaccinations, screenings, and various tests can help you take care of your health with little or no money.

Self-examinations are the way to go

Self-exams enable you to become familiar with your body. This can call your attention to problems before they become big. For instance, breast self-exams in women can help reveal any changes in the breast. Similarly, men should go for testicular exams at least every month to detect any changes that could lead to prostate cancer or other health complications. Additionally, everyone should go to self-screenings for skin and oral cancer.

For women, the presence of a lump or growth on the breast could be a sign of something hidden. Once noticed, such strange occurrences must be checked by a specialty doctor. In many cases, specialty doctors are more expensive compared to your regular family doctor. It is therefore important to diagnose your symptoms as early as possible to allow early management.

Save the emergency room for life-threatening situations

For minor health concerns, you can simply pay a visit to your regular doctor to recommend reliable solutions. For example, if you have a cold, you can take soup and enough rest for remedy. This would be a more cost-effective step than going for an emergency treatment. Similarly, using private care services are more expensive than using your regular physician.

Take a good care of your body today

Having optimum health is one way to reduce your health expenses. Experts in health advise that people should eat a healthy balanced diet to help them avoid many health implications. Health meals that contain all nutrients can help reduce your health expenses. In addition, engaging in regular physical exercise can go a long way to cut down your health expenses. By maintaining a healthy lifestyle, you can maintain your life with drugs and even minimize trips to your doctor. Eat foods in their pure state and avoid packaged, refined foods.

Safety and hygiene are the best practices

Simple equipment like a helmet, mouth guard, or padding could help you avoid common injuries such as cycling and riding injuries. These are necessary especially when you participate in sports. Teach young children not play around in the house and remember to keep all harmful items away from the rich of young children. Healthy habits such as hand washing can help control the spread of germs. In the end, you will minimize your trips to the doctor.